…and change your life with the Feminine Master Mindset Course !!

I’m Jocelyn B. smith

Professional Singer & Life Coach

Feminine Mastery Mindset

I would love to share what I have learned as a mom, partner, resilient entrepreneur and human being. I want you to celebrate when your voice is heard. I think this would add more joy to your life to know that women are beautifully human.

Have you ever heard someone tell you it´s easy to be a woman?

Or „women they are natural talents for multitasking ?“

Or even better „she´ll figure something out.“

Helping You Achieve Success

Feminine Mastery Mindset

Dedicated to inspiring self educating, creative women, their lives and businesses in global change.

Challenges of how to stay healthy in the race.

Or how to rebuild yourself when you’re feeling broken.

Or even how to standby and watch yourself calmly while you are losing it. Because that happens too!

With this FMM Ultimate System you’ll discover…

  • How Feminine Mastery is your core wisdom. This helps you Sing and Speak power and find happiness again in your body
  • How Feminine Mastery helps you understand that Divine Presence awakening within you to help you reconnect to your purpose
  • How to quiet your mind and cultivate purposeful thinking to fully regenerate each day
  • How to Cultivate your mindset to stare fierceness in the face.
  • How to filter and mobilize the resources you already have for your dreams and goals
  • How to use your Feminine Mastery skills to embrace your shadows and critical inner voices and claim the wisdom that is your birthright — especially when you are finding a new career, learning to love yourself again or wanting to reinvent your life
  • How to feel re-ignited and delight in your body pleasure and regeneration
  • How to transform your shadows through wisdom and humility
  • How to Embrace your grieving process, so joy can re-enter your life
  • How beautiful it is to have a soul family and tribe that will support, empower, and love you for who you are
  • How to step into your leadership role while living purposefully with all beings 
  • How to heal your money story so you can live in peaceful creation with money as your ally
  • And much more…

What you get


Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the Feminine Mastery Mindset guide 2020 – listen on any connected device

value 394 €


PDF Transcripts for your journaling — to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, and highlight

Bonus I

PLUS 1x 60 min one-one FREE ZOOM personal coaching session with Jocelyn

value 400 €

Bonus II

PLUS 3 exclusive meditations : “Anchoring“, “Truth“, “Gratefulness“ spoken by Jocelyn

+ 3 “subliminal affirmations” instrumental meditations

value 199 €

Bonus III

PLUS private ”FMM” FB group for the tribe to share our development with each other


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